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Noer consulting has helped individuals and organizations grow, develop, and reach their full creative potential for over 30 years.  We have a proven track record at the individual, group, and total system levels. 
Unlike many consulting firms, we are not a solution looking for a problem.  We partner with our clients to diagnose and solve root problems.  We are committed to helping build more creative and productive organizational systems and more fufilled and happy employees.
Through research and publications we contribute to the advancment of knowlege and ideas that help promote productive organizations and healthy, creative employees.
Our president, David Noer, is an author, experienced international executive, researcher, and executive coach.  To find out more about Dr. Noer, his books and our products, go to  To discover more about us, just click on the navagation pages.
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Dr. Noer's latest book describes 99 career ending hazards and presents practical strategies to overcome them. It is illustrated with real world examples and offers specific advice to employees at all levels. It includes a self-assessment inventory that helps readers understand their own risk of derailment.Buy from Amazon

Topics include overcoming self-sabotage, learning from feedback, surviving intimidating bosses, avoiding functional blinders,emracing necessary change, and avoiding victimization by repressed emotions.